The Richmond Observer – The second-half rally against Hoke County spurs JV Raiders to their third straight win

ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond Senior High School junior varsity soccer team picked up a point at halftime and claimed their third straight win on Thursday.

Hosting Hoke County’s Week 2 of the Sandhills Athletic Conference, the JV Raiders used a strong second half to beat the Bucks 29-14.

Richmond and head coach Patrick Hope beat Hoke County 22-6 in the last two quarters, improving to 3-3 overall and 2-0 against SAC opponents.

The Bucks took an early 2-0 lead after blocking a punt attempt and Richmond won them back in the end zone for a safety.

Sophomore Isaiah Lockhart responded with a touchdown run from within the five-yard line 6:11 in the second quarter. Freshman kicker Billy West crossed to the point after attempting to put the Raiders 7-2 ahead.

In the closing minute of the first half, Hoke County took the lead with a long touchdown pass. The attempt at change was of no use, the Bucks led 8-7 at the break.

Sophomore Isaiah Lockhart (5) runs the ball for a big win in Thursday’s win. (Kyle Pillar / The Richmond Observer)

“It was a tail made in two halves,” said Hope. “There were many self-inflicted wounds of ours early on. We’ve felt really good about how we’ve been playing for the past two weeks and we’ve been warning the guys all week that Hoke County would appear ready to play.

“We just didn’t have the energy in the first half and lost a point. It’s a point we’ve been to before, but we got over it and made some smart games in the second half. “

Early in the third quarter, second defensive back Rashad Gilbert intercepted to give Richmond the ball at his own 15-yard line. In the first game, Lockhart carried the ball 52 yards to the Hoke County’s 33-yard line.

That put a score in a seat a few games later from freshman quarterback Dillon Veach to second tailback Jaliel Greene. To the right, Green caught the throw and rounded the edge to score from nine meters away.

The PAT was good from West and Richmond took the lead 14-8 in the third with 5:52 minutes.

The JV Raiders’ next point would come on a second year safety from Lareese Swinnie on a blocked punt just 45 seconds in the fourth quarter.

After Hoke County was secured on its own 9-yard line, Swinnie hit the ball down and he jumped out of the end zone to extend Richmond’s lead to 16-8.

Sophomore Lareese Swinnie (21) blocks a punt for a safety in the fourth quarter. (Kyle Pillar / The Richmond Observer)

Freshman wide receiver Raymond Knotts found the end zone on the following drive and caught a 59-yard touchdown pass from Veach. Knotts intercepted the ball on a crossing route over the middle in midfield before it burst over the left sideline.

Another West PAT was true and the Raiders jumped 23-8 with 9:58 remaining in the game.

After Hoke County was forced to poke, Veach threw his second touchdown pass of the game, this to freshman Javion Smith. Smith moved out of the right apartment, caught the ball, and worked his way down the sideline and into the end zone.

Despite a failed PAT attempt, the JV Raiders usually held a sovereign 29-8 lead with 8:06 minutes.

Both teams traded possessions for the remainder of the game until Hoke County scored a touchdown pass 28.6 seconds from time. The conversion wasn’t good and Richmond was running out of time to win.

Sophomore Rashad Gilbert (4) shows his interception in the third quarter. (Kyle Pillar / The Richmond Observer)

“Isaiah ignited us in the second half and Dillon did a better job with some of his reads in the run-passing game,” said Hope. “We were able to get Raymond and Javion a score and that opened it all up for us. Our special teams and the defense also played great.

“Jaleil’s score and then Raymond’s touchdown were turning points for us. After the fuse we needed another shot to get him out of range and this is where the pass to Javion came in. “

The JV Raiders will be looking for their fourth straight win at Union Pines High School next Thursday. The kick-off is at 6:30 p.m.

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Geoplex from Nova Systems sends modeling milestone

Nova Systems has successfully delivered simulation software to the Australian armed forces to maximize operational success and safety.

The company’s Geoplex group has partnered with Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI) to provide the Australian Air Warfare School (AWS) with advanced software tools for physics modeling of the Systems Tool Kit (STK) after a period of consultation.

AWS and the Air Force’s Surveillance and Response Group No 41 Wing (41WG) will now train their staff to model, simulate and analyze various mission planning scenarios to better prepare for future air warfare or communications operations.

“This advanced capability gives our Australian defense staff the ability to model, simulate, test and analyze upcoming operations to ensure the user has the maximum chance of operational success and safety,” said Jim McDowell, group chief executive officer , Nova Group.

“As defense personnel gain new skills and knowledge through the use of these tools from AGI, we will create and deliver a tactical advantage to Australia by building on our sovereign skills and abilities.”

Geoplex was founded a decade ago and is part of the brand portfolio of Nova Systems, a 100% owned and controlled Australian engineering and technology company.

McDowell said investing in this type of highly specialized software ensures the defense can model a wide range of scenarios from satellite orbits to vehicle capabilities on different terrains to assess the impact of collisions in combat environments.

“This is the type of technology that will ensure Australia continues to move forward with world-class knowledge, world-class skills and future growth in situation awareness development,” he said.


Dukes Down Richmond – Duquesne University Athletics

Next game:

at Davidson

10/3/2021 | 14:00 clock

PITTSBURGH – Three goals in the first half led the Dukes (4-5-1, 2-2-0 A-10) to a 3-1 win over Richmond (4-6-1, 2-2 A-10) in Atlantic 10 Play Thursday night at Rooney Field.

Cami Taylor (Stafford, Virginia / Mountain View), Karley Steinher (Cincinnati, Ohio / Anderson) and Hannah Nguyen (Irwin, Pennsylvania / Penn Trafford) each scored goals for Duquesne in the win.

Goalkeeper Megan Virgin (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania / Canon-McMillan) scored her third win of the season with five saves online.

Duquesne opened the gate in the 12th minute. Ashley Rodriguez (Woodbridge, Virginia / Woodbridge) dribbled down the left sideline and had a pass problem on the foot of Jaimi Araujo (Tabernacle, NJ / Seneca). Araujo hit a cross from Taylor, who shot the ball into the net for the goal.

The Dukes finished the game by two goals within three minutes later in the half. In the 35th minute Steinher cleared a ball from the backcourt, which was tracked down by a chasing Nguyen behind the defense of Richmond. The Penn Trafford alum finished the breakaway group to 2-0.

Nguyen returned the favor from Steinher less than three minutes later. Nguyen sent a corner kick from right to left that hit the head of Steinher, who hit the back of the net to make it 3-0 at half time.

The Dukes defense continued the Spiders into the first 25 minutes of the second half. Richmond almost hit the board in the 74th minute when he hit the crossbar. The ball bounced straight back on the foot of a Richmond player sitting in front of the goal, but Virgin kept the spiders off the board.

Richmond destroyed the Dukes’ hopes of conceding a goal in the 80th minute when Emma Coleman coraled a ball in midfield and dribbled through the Duquesne defense. Virgin came off the net to cut the corner, but Coleman’s shot went past the bouncing keeper to make it 3-1.

Though the Spiders threatened again in the final seconds of the game, time was running out to give Duquesne his second Atlantic 10 win of the season.

DU held a 14-10 flank when attempting to shoot. Duquesne attempted four corner kicks, all in the first half, versus Richmond, who generated two.

The Dukes improved to 4-1-1 in games at Rooney Field.

YOU will travel to Davidson on Sunday, October 3rd for an A-10 game that will be broadcast live on ESPN + at 2pm


Carson schools willfully destroyed as part of the social media challenge

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Carson City School District released a statement Thursday on the recent surge in social media challenges, including the TikTok “devil licks,” which students and community members have attended and recorded.
Children across the country have been motivated in the past few weeks to participate in various monthly social media carts involving local school officials. The act in September was to destroy toilets and school property, including damaging soap dispensers.
In Carson City schools, including Carson High, Carson Middle, and Eagle Valley Middle School, soap dispensers and towel dispensers attached to walls were vandalized, damaging the panels enough to require some maintenance, according to district spokesman Dan Davis was required. These procedures were so disruptive that some of the campus and staff had to set up special toilet breaks or make special arrangements for students throughout the school day, Davis said.
Nationally, other school districts have reported school closings as a result of these TikTok viral challenges through the “devil leaks” trend, which defines a leak as a “successful type of theft that results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist” , according to Urban Dictionary.
Recently, Osbourn Park High School principal Lisamarie Kane in Manassas, Virginia, reported on bags of soap and toilet paper crammed in the boys’ toilets, with several items stolen from them.
In New Jersey, Haledon Public School superintendent Chris Wacha reported $ 400 water damage to one of his schools.
Young people are also destroying lawns on sports fields due to the social media trend.
The Carson City School District statement reads as follows:
“We seek the support of parents, students and community members to end the various ‘challenges’ that are recorded and uploaded to social media sites. These viral trends made a difficult year even more difficult. When it comes to these destructive, indecent, inappropriate and unlawful acts, we ask for your help in helping us stop these school disruptions.
“I encourage parents to take the time to talk to their children about the importance of not engaging in dangerous, destructive or illegal challenges on social media, and especially the importance of educators, classmates and treat school property with respect, ”said Richard Stokes, superintendent for the Carson City School District. “I encourage parents to monitor their children’s social media activities and speak to them about some of the dangers associated with the platforms. Of course, it’s also important that adults behave well when interacting with others in person and on social media. “
Throughout October, Carson High plans to recognize students who take positive action.


Old building in Richmond demolished, new storm shelter to replace

RICHMOND, miss. (WTVA) – Workers demolished a building in Lee County Thursday morning to replace it with a storm shelter.

The location is at Kreisstraße 810.

Building demolished in Richmond, Mississippi. Storm shelter to replace it. Photo date: September 30, 2021.

“Our community is important to us. And that’s what we’re here for, ”said Joe Banik, Richmond Fire Department chief.

He believes this is a big step towards improving the community.

Heads of state awarded a $ 50,000 grant to demolish the building and secure the land.

The planned storm shelter should accommodate up to 250 people.

Two storm shelters are currently located behind the Richmond Fire Station. But these shelters are not enough for public safety, Banik said.

“Out here in the district we lose human lives like in big cities or medium-sized cities,” said Banik. “That’s what we’re trying to do today – protect our neighbors here in Richmond.”

Lee County Supervisor Billy Holland worked with Banik to demolish the building.

Holland said he was looking forward to another grant for the new shelter.

“Anything the county could do; We are happy to help the volunteer fire brigade, ”added Holland.

Banik said the city will also use the new shelter as a multi-purpose center.


Winchester Police Department Appoints New Deputy Chief | WDVM25 & DCW50

WINCHESTER, Virginia (WDVM) – The Winchester Police Department has announced a new deputy chief of police as the division’s first female deputy chief announced her retirement this year.

Paul Cleveland previously served in the Fairfax County Police Department for over 27 years and rose to the rank of major. Cleveland recently retired from service in Fairfax County but is ready to return to work in Winchester. Chief John Piper says he has no doubt Cleveland can take on the role that Deputy Chief Kelly Rice is leaving behind.

New program in Winchester aims to increase police transparency

“I think new perspectives are always good, and sometimes we are the law enforcement agencies [only] Look at what we’re doing well and what we need to do better, ”said Chief Piper. “I think Paul brings a variety of leadership-level experiences, including working in investigative and patrol roles and most recently as the academy director, which brings a new perspective.”

Cleveland was previously the director of the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy and also served as the commandant of the Patrol Bureau and the organized crime and narcotics departments.

Cleveland will take up his new role as Vice President of Administration later this October, serving alongside Vice President of Operations Amanda Behan.

The new Deputy Chief Cleveland told WDVM that he is excited to work in his hometown of Winchester and looks forward to serving his community.

“I’ve been fortunate to have a variety of different situations and different ways to solve problems in a variety of assignments, and I learned how to interact with the community and know what the community needs to get them,” said Deputy Chief Cleveland.

Deputy Chief Cleveland will take up his new role on October 12th as the previous Deputy Chief Rice retires.


The Richmond Observer – Cameron Morrison

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AHS board members resign over disagreement over River Farm sale

The five board members of the American Horticultural Society who approved the sale of the 27 acre River Farm property on the Potomac River have all resigned.

The Washington Post initially reported on the mass resignation of board members and others. “Attorney John T. Richards Jr. said he had emailed copies of letters submitted by AHS Board Chairman Terry Hayes and four other board members announcing their resignation effective Thursday. Their names Also not included on the AHS website Director J. Robert Brackman, also resigned, Richards said, “according to the Washington Post.

The following email was sent Thursday evening to supporters of Save River Farm, a campaign run by the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust:

Today’s news of the resignation of the Executive Director, American Horticultural Society Board Chairmen, and several other board members is an important step toward our common goal of protecting River Farm forever.

For the past few months, the existing departments on AHS ‘board of directors had prevented them from moving forward as an organization, and hopefully that is changing now. We are excited to work with the new leadership at AHS to support them and ensure that River Farm remains an incredible community good that honors the cultural, historical and natural heritage that it represents.

– Chair of the Save River Farm Committee / NVCT Executive Director, Alan Rowsome

The five remaining board members of AHS are: Holly Shimizu, Marcia Zech, Skipp Calvert, Tim J. Conlon and Laura Dowling.

Just a few days ago, the then full ten-person board of directors voted to decline offers from the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust to purchase or co-own the 27-acre River Farm property. They also said they are not considering an alternative offer from a potential developer to consolidate nearby properties for the construction of a resort and conference center.

AHS had put the property up for sale so the proceeds could be used to further AHS ‘national mission and programs and to create a significant foundation to secure its long-term financial future – and under an agreement to merge with another horticultural association. But the merger never came about, and the sale of the historic estate, with sweeping views of the Potomac River, drew harsh criticism from community members, who are suspicious of the development, arguing that the property should remain open to the public as it is now . Even local government officials got involved and created a historic overlay neighborhood on the property.

by Alexandria Living Magazine Staff

September 30, 2021

5:58 pm


New basketball courts are coming soon at Broad Rock Park in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Richmond broke ground today for new basketball courts in Broad Rock Park.

Mayor Levar Stoney proposes the city to spend $ 78 million from the American rescue plan to improve city parks and community centers. Stoney says decade-old establishments like Broad Rock will see a major overhaul.

How Petersburg plans to spend $ 9 million to improve the city

“I’m really looking forward to the day when I’ll let off a couple of threes here at this point,” said Stoney. “We will make this an even better place for our young people, for our adults, for all people, no matter what neighborhood they live in, no matter which side of the river they live.”

Other plans for Broad Rock include an indoor pool and baseball facility, outdoor pavilion and fitness area, and pickleball courts.


Barnhart heads CB in Arlington | Community

ARLINGTON – The Cedar Bluffs / Mead Girls golf team had a busy week at the Arlington Invite on September 21st and the Elmwood-Murdock Triangular on September 23rd.

On Tuesday, Cedar Bluffs / Mead finished ninth with a score of 582. The best performance at the meeting came from Morgan Barnhart, who shot a 67 on the top nine and a 72 on the back nine for a total of 139.

One shot behind Barnhart, Jonnie Mahrt had a 140 and Elly Samek a 150. The last two golfers for the Wildcats to round off their scores were Addy Sweeney, who finished with a 153, and Summer Sukstorf, who finished an 80 on the first nine and up At 84 on the second nine for a 164.

From the Arlington Invite, Cedar Bluffs / Mead participated in the Elmwood-Murdock Triangular. Only the Wildcats and Knights had teams in the event and Cedar Bluffs / Mead ended up shooting a 237.

After being the third female golfer two days earlier, Samek led the Wildcats with a score of 54. Her best holes that day were nine, seven, four and three, where she completed them in five strokes.

Two shots behind Samek finished Sweeney, who carded a 56. Sukstorf shot a 62 and three shots behind her was Barnhart with a 65.

Cedar Bluffs / Mead is at the Elmwood-Murdock Invite on September 27th.

Alex Eller is a reporter for the Wahoo newspaper. Contact him by email at