Alexandria secured the first perfect double season since 1997

Alexandria’s only really close duel this fall came against Sartell-St. Stephen on September 16. The Cardinals faced another top 3 team in Thursday’s regular season finals in the Central Lakes Conference, beating Rocori (5-3, 4-2 CLC) with a 96-90 final.

It ended a perfect regular season for Alexandria 11-0 in doubles and also a win on an invitation at Fargo. It is the first time since 1997 that the Cardinals have been undefeated.

“The 11-0 win is a great success for this team,” said Alexandria’s head coach Crysta Krause. “At the start of the season they had set themselves the goal of having a winning streak and knew Sartell would have a strong team of fast swimmers, and staying undefeated just wasn’t on our radar with the success they had this year . ” really gave them confidence and made them work even harder in practice.

“They also realized more clearly that winning matches is not about having top swimmers who come first, but about those swimmers who can give a lineup depth, and they challenge themselves to score these points in 3rd place. , 4th and 5th places. “

This last duel went up to the very last event in the 400 freestyle relay. The meeting was drawn 86-86 at the time, meaning a win this final season would determine the team winner.

Brooklyn Millward, Alaina Guenther, Jisella Haskamp and Hattie Galloway left no doubt that they won by almost 4 seconds with a time of 3: 48.81. Julia Wilmesmeier, Rayna Holm, Sidney Johnson and Summer Overland added the last points with a third place (4: 02.48).

“After the 100th breaststroke, when we knew it would be in the last season, I was actually a little relieved,” said Krause. “I had great confidence in our relay to get the job done and I knew we had our top 100 free sprinters as part of this relay.

“Once they got in, they took the lead and it was just a matter of watching them do their job. Encounters and swimming can be unpredictable, but this season has swum consistently fast this season and you could see the determination on their faces as she went behind the blocks. While we’re still excited to see the result, it was really fun to see our ‘A’ and ‘B’ seasons work together for victory. “

This final race was part of seven first places for the Cardinals, including wins from Grace Urke (200 IM), Jisella Haskamp (50 free, 100 chest), Hattie Galloway (100 free), the 200 freestyle relay and Sidney Johnson (100 back) . The Cardinals took advantage of the depths up and down the line-up, including with big placements in the 100 breaststroke from Haskamp, ​​Urke (3rd) and Emma Bugher (4th)

Alexandria will now shift its focus to the championship part of the season as the Cardinals head to the section’s real team meeting at the University of Minnesota-Morris tonight, Friday, to dive ahead of the Saturday morning swimming competition.

“The focus is on fine-tuning their races and ensuring that the girls stay healthy both physically and mentally,” said Krause. “They still have some lofty goals to work towards and the task now is to keep that goal in mind and show up on the day of the meeting with swimmers who can achieve it.”


ALEXANDRIA FINISHERS – 200-MEDLEY RELAY – Sidney Johnson, Emma Bugher, Alaina Guenther, Grace Urke – runner-up, 1: 59.47; Rayna Holm, Sara Avanzi, Zoe Solum, Morgan Stangler – Fourth, 2: 06.46; 200 FREESTYLE – Brooklyn Millward – runner-up, 2: 05.80; Julia Wilmesmeier – Fifth, 2: 08.06; Summer Overland – Sixth, 2: 11.63; 200 IM – Grace Urke – first, 2: 19.51; Emma Bugher – Fourth, 2:27, 21; Rayna Holm – Sixth, 2:34.99; 50 FREESTYLE – Jisella Haskamp – first, 25.21; Hattie Galloway – runner-up, 25.37; Günther – fourth, October 27; DIVING – Lauren Hornstein – second, 179.60; Erica Johnson – Fourth, 170.20; Hannah Skillings – sixth, 156.40; 100 BUTTERFLY – Günther – second, 1: 07.54; Zoe Solum – third, 1: 07.63; Sara Avanzi – fourth, 1: 11.72; 100 FREESTYLE – Hattie Galloway – first, 55.75; Brooklyn Millward – third, 57.28; Sidney Johnson – fourth, 59.12; 500 FREESTYLE – Summer Overland – Fourth, 5: 45.46; Julia Wilmesmeier – Fifth, 5: 53.89; Morgan Stangler – sixth, 6: 24.67; 200 FREESTYLE RELAY – Jisella Haskamp, ​​Brooklyn Millward, Grace Urke, Hattie Galloway – first, 1: 43.06; Julia Wilmesmeier, Morgan Stangler, Emma Bugher, Summer Overland – Fourth, 1: 51.27; Izzy Rodriguez, Chelsey Weigel, Amelia Lucken, Selby Olson – sixth, 2: 04.38; 100 STRIKE BACK – Sidney Johnson – first, 1: 05.64; Rayna Holm – Third, 1: 09.84; Chelsey Weigel – Sixth, 1: 15.56; 100 CHEST STRUCTURE – Jisella Haskamp – first, 1: 08.04; Grace Urke – Third, 1: 11.96; Emma Bugher – Fourth, 1: 14.07; 400 FREESTYLE RELAY – Brooklyn Millward, Alaina Guenther, Jisella Haskamp, ​​Hattie Galloway – first, 3: 48.81; Julia Wilmesmeier, Rayna Holm, Sidney Johnson, Summer Overland – Third, 4: 02.48; Chelsey Weigel, Callie Taveirne, Zoe Solum,
Sara Avanzi – Fourth, 4: 24.32