Chris Chan (aka Christine W. Chandler) arrested in Richmond, Virginia

Christine Weston Chandler, commonly known as Chris Chan (Twitter), was arrested in Richmond, Virginia. Henrico County Police were seen holding Chris Chan at the Regency Inn at 1500 Eastridge Road. They stayed after being forced to leave their homes on Friday by an emergency protection order issued by the Ruckersville authorities.

Why Was Chris Chan Arrested?

Recently, leaked audio and text messages allegedly between Christine and an unidentified third party revealed that Chris Chan was having an incestuous relationship with her mother, Barbara Chandler. Due to Barbara’s advanced age and questionable ability to give consent, it could be a situation of abuse and sexual assault against older people. Due to the hideous nature of the leaked notices, they have been forwarded to the authorities by the parties concerned.

On July 30th, Greene County Police carried out a social check on the Chandler household at Branchland Court 14 in Ruckersville, VA. The details of the rating are currently unknown. However, the police then removed Barbara from the domicile and took her to a hospital for examination. In addition, a provisional EPA was issued against Christine preventing her from contacting Barbara or entering the house until August 5th.

The reason for the arrest is not yet known. However, there are several reasons Henrico County Police might have arrested Chris Chan. Incest is a crime in Virginia, as is elderly abuse, sexual assault, and rape. It is possible that after investigating Barbara, authorities found evidence of one or more of these crimes and an arrest warrant was issued against Christine.

It is also alleged that Chris Chan withdrew $ 750 from Barbara’s account, which may have been in breach of the EPA. This action could also be counted as theft, which can also lead to the issuing of an arrest warrant.

The police may also be taking Chris Chan into protective custody. The footage we saw of the arrest was from someone sneaking outside Christine’s motel room, and there were likely hundreds of calls to Richmond authorities after it became known that Chris was staying there.

In any case, this is just the latest evolution in a sad saga that has been going on for over a decade. We will update with more details as they become available.