Event raises awareness of gun violence in Richmond

RICHMOND, Virginia – An event in Richmond this weekend is focused on raising awareness of gun violence in the city.

Gloves Over Guns is an annual event started by trainer Pat and his son Malik of the East End Boxing Club. Its mission is to raise awareness of gun violence and to impart critical life skills.

“We don’t have a solution to all the gun violence, but we’re just trying to show the kids ways to pay attention and let them know that there are other ways to solve things, and we’re using gloves instead of a gun in hand said Pat.

“We know that young people have a lot of things built in and just the physical activity of boxing and the mindset that you need to have, the focus in boxing is not just fighting,” said Sheriff Irving.

Sheriff Irving works with the East End Boxing Club. Your peace and solidarity walk leads to the event “Gloves Over Guns”.

“We want everyone to know that we want the violence to stop. We want to live in peace, work in peace, and we need to build relationships with the people of the city and our community, ”said Irving.

“I want the local community to understand, and the local officials to understand, that there is no jurisdiction for the crime, so I don’t want to say because you’re in Henrico or in Richmond, Chesterfield, everything invades everyone. So if we are that Teach children not to be territorial when we shouldn’t be, “said Pat.

The Saturday free event begins at noon with the Peace and Solidarity Walk from the Richmond City Justice Center to Armstrong High School, honoring families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. Amateur boxing follows.

For more information, call (804) 382-7788 or visit the boxing club’s Instagram account.