Nova Sea Employees Benefit From Bonus Policy – Fish Farmer Magazine

from Vince McDonagh – October 14, 2021

Norwegian salmon company Nova Sea has paid nearly a million kroner (£ 85,000) in bonuses to each of its 291 employees over the past five years. In total, the company has sold 260 million euros since 2016.

Nova, based in the Nordland region, was one of the early pioneers in salmon farming and is now entering its 50th anniversary.

It was founded in 1972 by the late Steinar Olaisen and has since developed into one of the largest salmon farmers in Northern Norway. None of this would have been possible without his employees, which is why they are rewarded every year.

Bonuses, averaging around 4% of pre-tax profits, continued to be paid even during the height of the pandemic, when salmon sales plummeted after restaurants around the world closed.

CEO Tom Eirik Aasjord said his workforce was dedicated and proud of the company, which also had an impact on the local communities near the company. It was only right, he added, that employees should share in the success of Nova Sea. The company reported sales of NOK 2.7 billion (£ 231 million) and pre-tax profit of NOK 802.7 million (£ 68 million) of which nearly NOK 50 million (£ 4.3 million) last year . GBP) were earmarked for employee profit sharing and bonuses.

The bonuses are expected to average NOK 148,000 (around £ 12,000) per employee this year.