Plans up to expand Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey

Road improvements will be made around a high school when the expansion plans are approved.

Members of the Norfolk County Council Planning Committee will consider the council’s application to build a new teaching block at the Ormiston Victory Academy in Middleton Crescent, Costessey, today.

It has been recommended for approval as long as motorway improvements are in progress. When built, it would include 14 classrooms to allow the school to teach an additional 300 11-16 year olds, increasing its capacity to 1,500.

Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey. Image: Denise Bradley
– Photo credit: Copyright: Archant 2014

The plans met resistance from 13 people amid concerns about additional traffic on surrounding streets such as Richmond Road, Middleton Crescent, East Hill Road and Longdell Hills.

Another concern was the new three-story block that overshadowed nearby houses.

Costessey City Councilor Tim East said the plans should be approved but with traffic reduction measures.

Tim East, Norfolk City Councilor.  PICTURED: BILL SMITH

Tim East, Norfolk City Councilor. PICTURED: BILL SMITH
– Photo Credit: Bill Smith-Archant

He said: “I have concerns about the loss of lawns used for exercise as child wellbeing is important, although I understand the need to expand to accommodate more students. The biggest concern is that i have is the extra traffic that would be generated in a congested area.

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“The possibilities for picking up and dropping off students on the school premises are welcomed.”

His concerns were shared by the Costessey City Council.

Sports England had no objection when soccer fields were protected on the school’s green space.

The council’s motorway agency said the school benefited from good walking and cycling links.

The additional 42 parking spaces were added and 60 proposed bicycle spaces would accommodate the additional 42 full-time equivalents needed for the school.

According to the highways, double yellow lines should be painted, mostly around intersections on Richmond Road, and an improved intersection should be built on Richmond Road.

Planning documents said the block would be screened by trees with houses.

Naomi Palmer, director of the Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey, trying to get her adm

Naomi Palmer, director of the Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey.
– Photo credit: Nick Butcher

Naomi Palmer, director of Ormiston Victory Academy, said, ‚ÄúThese exciting new plans will change life at the Academy for the better. With more space and great creative facilities, we can expand our support for the young people in Costessey and beyond. “