Police – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Arlington Police say a person was arrested after carrying an airsoft gun on the Arlington High School campus Friday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the Arlington Independent School District said shortly before 2:30 p.m. the campus was locked and city and district police were investigating a threat on campus.

Moments later, Arlington Police told NBC 5 that a school employee reported seeing someone on campus carrying a gun and that the school was immediately closed.

Police said, “Officers quickly identified and arrested the person found to be carrying an airsoft gun.”

No casualties were reported in connection with the incident. Airsoft guns are low speed air powered guns used in recreational games similar to paintball. They fire small plastic projectiles and are generally considered safe when used with protective equipment.

Arlington Police said Friday afternoon there was no ongoing threat to the school, the lockdown would be lifted and the school would be released on time.

No information has yet been released about the person carrying the gun or why it was brought to school. Police added that the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed or disclosed.

This is the second major incident to occur at the school this week. On Tuesday, Arlington police arrested a student who allegedly hit and kicked an English teacher. The 17-year-old student was charged with assaulting an officer on Wednesday and was released from city jail.