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R. Kelly’s assistant says she was reprimanded for “escaping” his girlfriend from his house | National

An assistant to R. Kelly testified on Friday, September 10th, that she was reprimanded for “escaping” one of his friends from his Georgia home.

According to Insider, Diana Copeland, who worked for Kelly from 2004 to 2018, told the jury at the R&B singer’s Brooklyn Trial that she was in attendance when one of his girlfriends “Anna” was furious and left with bags after an apparent argument with him . Copeland said she did “nothing” to stop her from leaving.

Days later, Copeland says Kelly took her to a park in Chicago to discuss the incident.

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“Another colleague called him and said I let Anna escape,” she said.

In her testimony, she said Kelly’s use of the word “escape” angered her because at the time “words were swirling in the media” over allegations of harming and sexually abusing women.

R. Kelly is currently facing a federal trial in New York for running a criminal company in which employees have recruited women and girls to be abused and sexually assaulted. The singer has pleaded not guilty on any count.