Students are developing a website to help keep online lessons organized, WDVM25 & DCW50

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA. (WDVM) – A year ago, most of the learning resources that students used in school were within reach. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred students to learn how to navigate a normal school day online, which is still a challenge for many.

That’s why three students from Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJHSST) created a website called “The Locker” to help organize students with virtual classes.

“There was just a huge influx of things to manage like class links, online textbooks, online submission portals, registrations for each, and different websites for calendars that teachers use. All of this was a really big problem for us, ”said Shrey Gupta.

Gupta is a junior at TJHSST and one of the founders of The Locker. He thought the students needed something to keep everything in one place.

The website allows students to add the classes they are currently enrolled in, assignments for each class, links to class pages, login information, and more.

Gupta said several students found the site helpful.

“This was kind of a community effort that allowed many of the people at TJ to reach out to me and my other colleagues, and it was really nice to see their support,” said Gupta.

The Locker currently has 655 students across Fairfax County, and Gupta hopes it will continue to grow.

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