Chicken without serviettes causes a stir: Richmond Heights Police Blotter


Fault: Chardon Road

A Sunoco One Stop employee reported on October 7th that a customer was arguing with her in the store. Emergency forces found the suspect in the area and he said he was upset that the store would not provide him with napkins to use for his chicken order. The man was told that the owner of the store would decide whether to ban him from the business.

Beast by and large: Knollwood Trail

Officials responded on October 7th to a report in which a neighbor shot a free-range dog that had accused him. During the investigation, the dog’s owner, a 61-year-old man, was brought up for animals at large.

Non-compliance: Chardon Road

A vehicle fled a traffic stop on October 9. Officials followed the vehicle to Euclid before stopping for security reasons.

The vehicle was stopped because it had severe tint and no rear view of the rear panel.

Fault: Richmond Road

At 3:00 a.m. on October 10, officers responded to Five Points Grille after a woman said her colleague, the security guard, attacked her and her sister after making a joke that he found unhappy. The man is said to have hit a woman in the face with a gun.

The officers did not find the suspect in the store upon arrival

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