George Wythe Sr. continues to urge the Richmond School Board’s decision, “I want to see action, I don’t want to hear anything else.” Richmond Local News

Before the decision was made, the construction was supervised by a joint construction team, which included the superintendent, the school management and the city officials.

On Thursday, protesters questioned the role of Richmond for All, an organization that advocates fair housing and education and campaigns for the election of school council members who voted for the resolution, including Gibson.

The group, which had gained prominence in its opposition to Stony’s failed attempt to redevelop part of the city center anchored by a new Colosseum in 2018, endorsed three school board members who voted in favor of the resolution. Kenya Gibson, Stephanie Rizzi, and Shonda Harris-Muhammed, members of the organization’s board of directors.

Brionna Nomi, the organization’s chairwoman, declined to respond to the concerns.

Rizzi, who represents the 5th district that houses George Wythe, said she, along with her four colleagues who voted for the resolution, was confident that the school board could complete Wythe well before 2027.

“I just saw the administration take action very quickly when it was necessary,” she said. “I just don’t see that this would be any exception.”

She also said that she wanted the argument to stop.

“Management told us that we are working together as a unit and that when a decision is made and the majority makes that decision, we must follow the will of the board and support that decision,” she said. “When I see people doing what they are doing, it only counteracts my perception of what boarding the board should look like.”