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STRASBURG – Strasbourg will have another quick turn this week, but this time against an opponent from the Bull Run District.

The Rams are playing in Madison County on Friday and only have three days of training that lead into the game. The Rams beat Manassas Park 57-0 on Monday, with only two days of training due to COVID-19 issues on the team.

Strasbourg coach Mark Roller said Tuesday that with just a few days of preparation, they would be careful not to get too physical in training.

“We don’t hit a lot anyway, but it helps to get out and be able to do some things and simulate games,” said Roller. “But we’re certainly not going to hit and hit each other. In these two days we’re just going to go through and line up. We played pretty well defensively and the same offensively. We just have to make sure we keep doing the things we do , and continue to be positive. As long as we can do that, I’m pretty confident about these kids and what they can do. “

Strasburg senior running back / defensive back Griffin Turpen said it would be good for the Rams to see the short turnarounds now that they are more in coming. The Rams end the regular season with three games in 10 days.

“It’s a preview of what the next few weeks will look like as we have three games in 10 days ahead of us,” said Turpen. “It’s going to be a tough season but I think we can do it. I think we’ll be pretty good.”

The Rams (4-1, 0-1 Bull Run) face a different defense this week when they take on Madison County, who like to bring lots of players to the scrimmage line and put pressure on them.

“They’ll put eight people in there and they’ll chase us,” said Roller. “It’s something we’ve never seen before and we have to adjust to it and do our best with what we have and how we can block it. So we just have to work with it.” it.”

Strasbourg relies heavily on the running game and ran 311 yards against Manassas Park on Monday.

The Rams have an even attack with Senior Brady Neary (318 yards, three touchdowns), Senior Tanner Jenkins ((233 yards, two touchdowns), Turpen (169 yards, four touchdowns), Junior Braden Stern (101 yards, one touchdown) and Senior Cayden Pangle (73 yards, one touchdown) gets the majority of the carries.

Turpen said the players don’t mind sharing the load and working together in the running game.

“Our running backs have done a really good job this season,” said Turpen. “We have almost 300 yards in almost every game. It’s really nice to be able to spread the stone and not tire one person throughout the game.”

Strasburg was also successful in the passing game as Junior Ryan Roller threw 231 yards on 10 of 22 passes and one touchdown. By their sophomore year, Griffin Carter and Walker Conrad combined for five catches for 153 yards and one touchdown.

Defensively, the Rams were strong all season, allowing only 208.2 yards and 10.1 points per game.

“Our defense played very well,” said Turpen. “Our secondary school did a great job and our linebackers came up with stops if needed.”

The Rams have 10 interceptions as a team, including four from Ryan Roller and two from Turpen. In total, the Rams forced 17 turnovers in five games.

Madison County (1-5, 0-2 Bull Run) likes running the ball with second running back Demetrius Walker and junior quarterback Wade Fox.

Mark Roller said Fox can throw the ball too, especially Taylor Fincham, the 6-foot-8 senior wide receiver.

“We know (Fox) can throw it and he’s doing a pretty good job,” said Mark Roller. “So we have to be well rounded in that regard because your back is pretty fast. So all we have to do is run and pass.”

Madison County’s football program has been down for a few years but has improved this season. The Mountaineers have a Class 3 win over William Monroe.

Turpen said the rams can’t afford to miss the climbers.

“We have to make sure we come here with the same intensity as always,” said Turpen. “We have to make sure that we don’t take them lightly because they are much better than what they have been before.”