Richmond Police Chief on vacation after allegedly threatening his daughter

RICHMOND – A San Francisco Bay Area police chief was on leave after her 18-year-old daughter accused her and her police sergeant’s father of abuse.

Richmond Police Chief Bisa French was killed after several incidents that began in September involving her daughter, the French and her father, Oakland Police Sgt. Lee French, who assaulted her and threatened to kill her and her 34- killing year-old boyfriend whom the couple say is stopping, the East Bay Times reported Thursday.

French was on leave after the newspaper reported Wednesday that one of her female relatives filed for a restraining order and accused her and her husband of killing her and her boyfriend. Bisa French’s attorney, Mike Rains, confirmed to KTVU-TV that the relative is actually her daughter.

Napa friend Joe Goldman, also known as Oho McNair, was charged Wednesday in Alameda County with pimping and incitement. Court documents state that Goldman and the chief’s daughter lived in Oakland motels frequented by sex workers and that he was traded by him in that town. It wasn’t immediately known whether Goldman would have an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

Filing for a restraining order against her parents, the daughter says that Bisa and Lee French used “police handles” to detain them during an argument at their home on Sept. 21 and repeatedly threatened her and Goldman with death.

Rains said the couple “wanted nothing more than to get (their family member) back and get them away from this despicable person and have made legitimate efforts to make it happen.”

Goldman, he said, “took this wonderful young woman, who is an excellent high school scholar, magna cum laude and turned her against her own family and, frankly, into a criminal, a prostitute.”

“You have not committed any crimes. They will cooperate fully in the administrators’ and criminal investigations, ”added Rains.

Meanwhile, Solano County authorities are investigating allegations that Bisa and Lee French threatened Goldman’s mother after showing up at her home in Vallejo on Sept. 22, the newspaper reported.